Pousada do Taxo - Praia do Siriú - Garopaba

Santa Catarina is a privileged state of Brazil and Garopaba, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful cities of the State.
It maintains artisanal fishing, mainly shrimp, dirt roads, ecological trails, offering beautiful landscapes and magical corners all year round.
It has an excellent infrastructure to receive its tourists and visitors.
Transit area of the Franca Ballena during the winter, is one of the favorite places for surfers and nature lovers throughout the year.
It is a picturesque place where comfort and pleasure coexist with the simplicity of friendly and smiling people as well as their unforgettable natural beauties.

Come to know and enjoy this wonder !.

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Garopaba  /  SC  /  BRASIL   -    Phone: +55(48) 3913-1000 - 99162-0343   -   taxo@pousadadotaxo.com.br