Pousada do Taxo
Estrada Geral da Praia do Siriú, s/nº
Garopaba, SC, Brazil
+55 48 3913 1000 | +55 48 9162-0343
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Where you find balance between nature and peace

The hotel is located 6km to the North of Garopaba city. It is usually in summer that we expect to receive more guests, those who look for a quiet holiday in a natural environment around green hills, sand dunes and a blue sea. We also recommend that you come between July and October, when the whales show up to procreate and feed their babies.


  • Chalé (11)
  • Quadra 3


  • Praia-rio


Those who are fond of walks will like t he hiking t rails that take you to the top of the hills exposing a magic view of the landscape. Along the path, the native leaf age and the paradisiacal sceneries soft en t he tiredness. The hiking trail along t he Siriu waterfall is another option for you to enjoy and refresh in the cold waters.

  • Praia


Enjoying the beach is the best thing to do on Siriú Beach, with few people and a big extension of white sand to walk on. This activity can be combined with many others such as surfing, having a cold beer, meeting nice people or simply relaxing. From Siriú towards the North, you will see the Gamboa and Guard a do Embaú beaches. Towards the South you will see Silveira, Ferrugem, Ouvidor, Vermelha and Rosa beaches, among others.

  • Caiaque


Garopaba, the ancient fisherman village, founded by hippies and surfers in the seventies, left part of the natural airs behind, however, it has preserved some unpaved streets, mills and the scenic white church at the top of th e central beach – always surrounded by colorful boats.

  • Baleia (1)


The whale hunting was officially prohibit ed in 1972. Due to t his, the animals were kept away from our coast for many years, but now they are coming back to procreate and feed their babies. Siriú became the perfect place to observe the whales in their natural environment. Having the possibility of seeing this amazing creature closely is certainly a memorable experience.